We Conserve


REthink has cooperated closely with We Conserve on several projects– pooling our strengths to accomplish more than either organization could have on its own.


REthink did a series of trash and recycling sorts in campus buildings, to investigate the composition of the trash, and how effective the University’s recycling program is. The results of that study suggested several concrete steps the University can take to reduce waste, improve the recycling program, and cut costs. A copy of the report can be found here at:  Cleaning up our trash.

REthink has also started working on getting recycling bins placed outdoors, in more visible areas on campus. This would be a first for the University, but a trash sort we did in October (2009) demonstrated a strong need for them. Take a look at the results Library Mall Garbage Sort.


We Conserve is a key partner in the REfill Campaign. To learn more about this on-going project visit the REfill page.


In May of 2009 REthink members volunteered their time with We Conserve  to set up the very first “University Housing Moveout Recycling and Donation Event”. To learn more about this on-going campaign, visit the Housing Moveout Page