Coasting into November with New Events

Hey everyone guess what… we made it! It has been a very busy past couple weeks with midterms and homecoming, but we made it through and did an excellent job doing it!

Homecoming week was a huge success starting off with the campus clean up day on Sunday where REthink made a dent in picking up trash and recycling along the lake shore. In the middle of the week we helped out with Slow Foods by helping to prepare and serve Wednesday’s lunch. Thursday was our semester bake sale. We raised over $150 for our organization. Thank you to everyone who baked, volunteered, and stopped by to buy something or say hi! Friday was the big parade where for the first time, REthink had a float. Big thank you to everyone who helped build the components of the float and big thank you to everyone who was able to show up and be in the parade. We hope next year will have a bigger turn out with an even better float 🙂

Coming up!

Be sure to tell your friends about this event that promotes using reusable mugs all over campus!
  • Thursday November 1st: REthink is taking a break and going to the Comedy Club on State Street to relax. Meet there at 8pm, but only if you paid Taylor!! There will be more social events in the future, but we had to give them a reservation number so only those that have paid are able to attend with us.
  • Saturday November 3rd: Ice Age Trail Restoration will be led by Rachel. We’re meeting at 8:30 AM at the Service Building at University and Charter and we’ll be returning around 12:30PM. Sign up here if youre interested in going, we still need CARS also.
  • Sunday November 4th:This week’s Farm Mob will be at Scotch Hills Farm where there are many adorable animals to play with while we work. We’re meeting at the Service Building at 11AM for those that are attending. The doodle has already closed for this event, contact Rachel if you’d like to go or have a car.
  • Wednesday November 7th: Mugs on the Mall, a favorite event of REthinkers is happening this coming Wednesday in Library Mall from 7AM -11AM, we’ll be positioned by the bell tower in Library Mall. We still need more volunteers so feel free to sign up! This is a super fun event, tell your friends to bring their mugs and get free coffee!
  • Saturday November 10th: REthink is going to Growing Power in Milwaukee. Including travel time we’ll be gone from 8:30AM -12:30PM. If you have a car please contact Jared, And if you’d still like to go sign up here.
  • Sunday November 11th: From 12 until 3PM REthink is having its REfill Dodgeball Tournament. There are already 5 teams signed up, including a REthink team that members are welcome to join! OR create your own team with friends and sign up here. There will be prizes for the winners! Also we will be collected girls athletic wear, shoes, sports bras, running shorts etc at this event for the Yaya project. Please tell your teammates or friends to drop stuff off even if they are just there to cheer people on!

This last meeting’s potluck was a delicious! Thank you to everyone that brought food, we’ll try to have another one of those before the semester is over. We look forward to seeing you at the events happening this weekend!

Beautiful Fall Colors…but Don’t Forget to be GREEN!

I don’t know how many people have really notice how gorgeous Madison is in the fall. Sure its a little cooler but when you get a chance, go down Lakeshore Path or to the Lake and just look out over the lake at the beautiful different colors the trees are, especially Picnic Point!

Couldn’t help it, the colors are gorgeous!

Okay I am done with my nature enjoyment, its time to get down to business because we have a couple HUGE events coming up! First thank you to everyone who helped clean up after listening to President Obama speak, very cool event! At our last trash audit at Ingrahm Hall, 31% of the materials in the trash could have been recycled. At the Farm Mob last 13 volunteers assisted Rachel in helping out down on the farm-way to go!! The trip to the Zoo was a great success and they were able to locate the adorable Red Panda, no easy task.


  • HOMECOMING PARADE!: Homecoming is a super fun week, but because of everything else we have going on we’ll just be participating in the Parade which is on October 26th (more details on the time are to come). We have decided on the float idea and will need people to help volunteer in the construction of the pieces. Sign up here if you are interested in helping out even if its just for one day-we need lots of help!

Upcoming Events:

  • Camp Randall Recycling: The game this Saturday is against Illinois! We need volunteers so we can show the rest of the Big Ten what we’re all about! Sign up here if you’re interested!
  • Late Night Bake Sale: We will be having a bake sale on State Street on October 25th. We need late night volunteers from 12-2AM or whenever we run out of baked goods. Sign up here to either bake something or come volunteer. Remember, it’s not your average bake sale!
  • Dodgeball Tournament: Surprise! its not ultimate frisbee anymore, instead it is the fast paced game of dodgeball on November 11th from 12 until 3 PM. It will be held at the SERF, more details about this event to come.
  • Xavi in Ethiopia: We got a little bit of interested towards the end of the meeting but we need your help so we can assist Xavi (an old co-chair of REthink). We will be running a running shoes and sports bra drive for girls to play sports in Ethiopia. Very cool project! Contact Joe if you are interested!
  • Mugs on the Mall (MOTM): On November 7th starting at 7 in the morning and going until 11AM we will be giving out free coffee and hot chocolate to anyone who has a REUSABLE MUG. We will be partnering with Just Coffee for this event, they are a locally owned coffee cooperative on the East side of Madison. We need help marketing this event-more details to come.
  • Growing Power: We are planning a trip to Growing Power in Milwaukee on November 10th. Growing Power is an urban farm community in the city. Plan on leaving around 7AM and returning around 2PM (this includes travel). Sign up here, especially if you have a CAR because we really need transportation!
  • Slow Food Cafe: We will be volunteering at the Slow Food Cafe on October 24th from 11:30 until 2 PM, we will also be helping to prep the food before the Cafe is open. This is a great experience and chance for amazing food!
  • FARM MOB: Don’t worry I didn’t forget the favorite, the next Farm Mob is Sunday October 14th. If you’re interested in going, sign up here.
  • Campus Clean-up: On October 21st many student organizations will be participating in a Campus Clean-up. We will be helping form 5:30 until 6:30. More information to come at the next meeting.

April Showers Brings REthinkers

Hey there REthinkers! Great job this week, lots of events going on and everyone did terrific work! SHOUT OUT to Rachel for setting it all up MUGS ON THE MALL and DOUBLE SHOUT OUT to REDAMTE for providing us with coffee and hot chocolate! In the last few weeks of school there are still lots of way to get involved and earn your hours to receive HONORED MEMBER STATUS-check with Taylor G to see how close you are to getting Honored Member Status!

  • Farm Mob: We’ll be helping out F.H. King this Sunday from 10 until 2. We’re meeting to bike over at 9:30 between College Library and Memorial Union. Sign up here if you’re interested.
  • Bake Sale: Next Thursday, May 3rd, from 9 pm until whenever the food is gone. We need people to bake and volunteer.
  • End of the Year Party!: Friday May 11th, 5:30-6:30. We’ll be celebrating the end of the year at Vilas Park, near the zoo!

    At MUGS ON THE MALL we didn't let the rain stop us from making REthinkers out of any Badger we saw!

Summer Fun!

For those REthinkers that will be in Madison this summer, and those that are planning to visit, there are lots of events to look forward to:

  • Bucky Barrels: Emily has received the grant for her summer project!! Congratulations Emily! Contact Emily Adams if you’re around this summer and want to help out!
  • Compost Carryout: The pamphlet and logo have been made and now its time to put this into action! If you’re interested in helping out this summer with the campaign and making surveys, contact Jared!

More information is coming about Apartment move out in August and a possible Devils Lake trip for over the summer. Dorm move out information will be provided at the next meeting. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW LEADERS OF RETHINK, NEXT SEMESTER IS GOING TO BE THE MOST SUSTAINABLE YET! Congratulations also goes out to Julian who got his article published in every newspaper he submitted it to, way to go! Remember that t-shirts are still available, get ’em now to show ’em off over the summer!

REthink Your Role in the Circle of Life

Hopefully by now all your midterms are over and you can focus on activities you actually enjoy instead of studying, LIKE HANGING OUT WITH THE RETHINK GANG! We’ve been talking about an end of the year social during meetings and now its time to vote (of course if you have other ideas PLEASE email us!) ALSO if you’re interested in applying for a leadership position for next year please let us know by FRIDAY! We encourage everyone to run for something they are interested in, this is a great way to get involved ! As always here are our volunteer opportunities for the upcoming weeks:

  • Boys and Girls Club: Help teach waste management to 3rd-6th graders. This is a great way to get education experience on a topic we’re all interested about! Sign up here!
  • Mt. Horeb Recycling: We will be giving a powerpoint presentation at this event on Thursday from 6-8. We have transportation set up so if you’re interested in participating come on down!
  • Farm Mobs: Sunday is going to be a great outing with lots going on! Please click hereif youre interested in attending.

    Hakuna Mata-Come REfill your MUG at MUGS ON THE MALL and have no worries!
  • MUGS ON THE MALL: It’s finally here ladies and gentlemen! The MUGS ON THE MALL event will be from 7-11 AM in College Library. (DUNK TANK will possibly be making an appearance-stay tuned). Come join the party!
  • Wear Red Get Fed: This even will be next Thursday from 12-3. We know you have some RED, come show it off!

Other events happening on campus and around Madison are great ways to network and meet possible employers. Clean Wisconsin is hosting a talk with Kate Gordon about clean energy. This event will be on Thursday April 26th from 7-8:30 at the Inn on the Park. The address is 22 S Carroll St. Check out the Facebook event and RSVP!  On April 22 at 7:00 at Union South (TITU) come celebrate EARTH DAY! with Dr. Monica White and WUD-Alternative Breaks for a discussion about urban agriculture in Detroit. Dr. White will be speaking about the history of urban agriculture in the city and the current climate surrounding the issue.  Hope to see you there! If you have any questions about the events or running for a leadership position please feel free to email us!

Its Already the Middle of April… and This is Crazy…

But heres the events, so volunteer, maybe? We hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and the break before the chaos that the end of the year brings. As in previous meetings and posts we have lots of events coming up!

Here is a quick recap and reminder of where to sign up and what events are happening:

  • FARM MOB: This weekend the event is on SUNDAY, we will be working at Sprouting Acres. The more the merrier, email:, if youre interested.
  • We're volunteering and there isnt anything crazy about it!

    FARMERS MARKET: This is the last weekend of the indoor market, if youre interested in volunteering email Kat at

  • BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB: Wednesday, 4/18, is the first of three events working with the Boys and Girls Club. All transportation is provided. Sign up HERE if youre interested in volunteering.
  • WEAR RED, GET FED: ReThink needs people to work the table from 12-3pm on APRIL 26TH, WRGF Doodle
  • MUGS ON THE MALL: We still need people to think of GAMES to have at the event. APRIL 25TH from 6:30-11:30. SIGN UP! MOTM Doodle

A few new events and things to ponder in the next coming weeks:

  • REAP FOOD GROUP: Now that the farmers market is moving outside there are 3 opportunities to volunteer. During the first 3 weekends of the farmers market they need volunteers to pass out their atlases, the shifts last for 2 hours-GREAT WAY TO EARN HOURS FOR HONORED MEMBER STATUS! Contact Megan:, if youre interested.
  • HOUSING MOVE OUT: REthink is teaming up with We Conserve to help eliminate the waste when students move out of the dorms in May. Volunteer opportunities are coming soon, if youre interested in taking on a leadership role for this event, talk to Luke.
  • ELECTIONS: Don’t forget to think about running for a leadership position within REthink! This is a great way to get involved and be a bigger part of the organization! This is a great group of people to work with and a great way to build resumes and experience. IF YOURE INTERESTED PLEASE EMAIL US !

REthink Wants YOU to get Involved!

After a very successful Potluck dinner/meeting last night, it’s time to relax and enjoy spring break. We hope everyone has a relaxing, productive, and safe week! When we get back there are lots of events in April that need lots of participation-you can do it! Get that Honored Member status and have some fun!

  • After break, get ready! There is a Farm Mob event every weekend. If you are interested, especially if you have a car, come out and join us on the farm!
  • During the rest of the semester and during the SUMMER, Emily has started BUCKY BARRELS and will need help with the rain collectors and the rain garden. If you have ideas of educational events or want to volunteer email Emily:
  • April 16th is the Nelson Institute’s 6th Earth Day Conference. They are looking for volunteers, even if it is just for an hour. Volunteer and get a free lunch-this also counts as an event for REthink!
  • April 18th, 20th, 24th, and 26th we are working with the Boys and Girls Club on a recycling project. This is a great opportunity to get recycling education experience!
  • April 25th is MUGS ON THE MALL! For more information and to sign up to volunteer: MOTM Doodle MOTM FB event
  • April 26th is the Wear Red, Get Fed event. REthink is tabling and needs 5 people to help table, here is the Doodle to volunteer: WRGF Doodle

After choosing a great name, COMPOST CARRYOUT, we’re ready to get started. If you would like to help with this campaign email Jared at You all have great ideas and help make REthink GREAT! We want YOU to run for a leadership position for next year. We’re looking for someone to step up to positions such as: Co-char, Vice Chair, Secretary, Communications, Treasurer, Campaign Director. Please let Kat and Luke know what you’re interested in and how you want to get involved!


Lots of Sunshine and LOTS of Events!

The weather is hot and REthink is on FIRE with activities coming up. This Saturday is Farm Mob to Scotch Hill, from 11-4pm, email if you are interested, CARS ARE NEEDED, so if you have a car please consider attending this Farm Mob event, or future ones. REthink is the guest chef for Slow Foods this week! If you are interested in helping to set up, cook, clean up, serve, or just eat the delicious carrot meal we are going to prepare, email  Leia at As mentioned at the meetings, we are working with the Boys and Girls Club to help teach good waste management habits. Here is the google document with information on pamphlet making and signing up for shifts for volunteering. Earth Day is coming up with lots of opportunities to improve your resume.

  • On April 16th there is an Earth Day Conference at Monona Terrace and YOU could volunteer, get a free meal, and add to your resume.
  • On April 23rd REthink will need 3-5 volunteers to help with tabling. COME TO THE MEETING on Wednesday and let us know if you are interested.
  • On April 25th, MUGS ON THE MALL!! 7-11AM A doodle poll will come out soon for volunteers to sign up. This is a super fun event and a great way to earn hours toward honored status!

ALSO! this Wednesday’s meeting is a POTLUCK! Please bring a dish (plan for about 15 people, although you don’t need to bring enough to feed everyone since there will be plenty of food) and remember your own PLATE AND UTENSILS! We’ll be meeting in front of Science Hall if it is nice, so depending on the weather, plan for a picnic. See you Wednesday and at any of these fabulous upcoming events!