Camp Randall Recycling Program

Wisconsin’s Wear Red, Think Green Campaign was formed in partnership with the University of Wisconsin Athletic Department to promote recycling at Camp Randall Stadium. Rethink Wisconsin began by contacting the Athletic Department about the importance of recycling and other conservation efforts. After several meetings and much discussion, the Athletic Department decided to commit to a five-year sustainability plan, and declared that recycling would be at the heart of its efforts.

With the help of REthink Wisconsin, student and community volunteers, and the Athletic Department’s custodial staff, the Wear Red, Think Green Campaign began at Camp Randall Stadium with the start of the 2008 Badger Football season. Volunteers spent hours each game educating fans about the importance of recycling, preventing contamination of recycling bins, removing recyclables from trash cans, and diverting plastic bottles left in the stadium from entering the waste stream at the end of each game.

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