Weekly Update!

Hi to all REthinkers!

For those who did not hear, our meeting time has changed to Tuesdays at 7 PM to accommodate more members.

Here are some recent updates:

The Greenfund

It’s official!  REthink is pleased to say that a couple if its greenfund proposals successfully attained funding.  Click here to read the story from the Daily Cardinal.

Sustainability: Back to Basics

Spring into Sustainability: Back to Basics

F.H. King Students for Sustainable Agriculture will be hosting an event about how to bring sustainability into your life.  Aaron will also be speaking at the event, so up to show  off your REthink spirit! The link to the Facebook event is here.

Purdue Sustainability Summit

If you haven’t heard, Purdue University is trying to recruit student sustainability representatives from all over the Midwest to come together.  However if you were planning on attending this spring,  the event is now postponed from April 2nd to October 22nd, 2016.

Sustainability Editorial

The Daily Cardinal and Badger Herald have contacted our crew to write a piece about sustainability.  The opportunity is open ended and anyone in our organization can write a piece.  If you are interested, just send me Aaron or Abby your piece or bring it to our next meeting and we will make sure it gets into the right hands.  This is a great opportunity to get your ideas published and reach a large amount of the student body!

Limit Global Warming Lecture

This great talk goes into detail about the changes developed and developing countries will have to make to hit the targets articulated in the Paris Agreement.  Learn more about what our future might hold this Friday, Feb. 26th at 1:30pm in the AOSS building room 811.

Power through this midterm season!