REthink Updates

Thanks to all the REthinkers who came to our last meeting! We had a great time doing our own little trash audit and learning about what can and cannot be recycled/ composted!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend, here are some volunteer opportunities for you guys!

Mugs on the Mall: Wednesday November 4th from 8:30-11am. (set up starts at 8am).

Free coffee. Wait, free coffee? Yes, free coffee! Wednesday morning all the campus walkers in search of their morning caffeine can get free coffee AND practice being environmentally sustainable without even realizing it. All they have to do is bring in one of the many coffee mugs/cups/thermoses that they probably already have and refill it with some delicious, hot coffee! Simple, free, and environmentally sustainable…enough said. We will be having our booth at engineering mall! We’re thinking we will catch most of the morning risers around 8:30 so the time is planned to be to setup around 8AM. Sign up here.

Tales of Planet Earth (November 6-8, 2015) 📼

This FREE film festival’s theme this year is Belief. Our beliefs are what we know to be true. What we know to be true guides our choices. Yet our beliefs about the environment have complex origins that complicate our responses to environmental crises. Environmental beliefs are shaped by experiences: at home, at work, at play. But they are also shaped by ideas – learned from religion and spiritual faith, from science, and even from popular culture like films. Tales 2015 will explore all these influences by which we arrive at our environmental beliefs and the ways our beliefs spur and sustain environmental action across the globe. 

Fundraising:  Dough-Nation Night (November 11th) 🍕 
Have you ever thought that the world would be a better place if pizza made the world go ’round instead of money?  Well here is your chance to get the best of both worlds!  Ian’s Pizza on Frances Street has agreed to let REthink host a Dough-Nation night onWednesday, November 11th. Basically, Ian’s gives us a portion of their profit depending on the amount of people we can bring into their restaurant that night with a REthink flyer.  31+ flyers and we get 15% “slice” of those yummy pizza profits!  The only rule is that we can’t hand out flyers directly in front of the restaurant.  So start telling you friends and family stay tuned for sign-ups for handing out flyers because fundraising is the only way we can keep REthink fee free.

Also there is a great opportunity to sign up for a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)-

It’s a sustainability oriented class and discussion group, and you all should check it out! 

That’s all for this week! Don’t forget our meeting this week will be cancelled in favor of everyone coming to Mugs on the Mall Wednesday morning! Hope you see you all there!