Check out our Mugshots!

Thanks to everyone who volunteered for Mugs on the Mall, it was chilly but we still had a bunch of Badgers come get free coffee and take their #mysustainablemugshots

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We have some events coming up for you to check out:

Trash Audits: The Office of Sustainability has upcoming trash audits for you to sign up for here.

Energy Hub Conference “The Taste of Energy”– Friday November 21st 8:30am-4:30pm. If you want to go to the conference and learn how your food and energy are related, sign up here. The event will take place at Gordon Commons and is FREE for students and faculty.

Serving Earth: the Traceless Takeout Project– A fellow student is working with the unions and student housing to implement a reusable to-go-box system for the food they serve! This would eliminate so much waste on our campus. Show the University the there is student support for this initiative by learning more and signing the petition here.

PSA: There’s a new super cool new class you can take if you’re interested in sustainability. Professor Body Rossing is offering 2 credit independent learning opportunities this spring where students will be paired with community organizations pioneering efforts in racial and cultural environmental justice. Check out this flyer-Justice and Sustainability

Also our Just Coffee Fundraiser is officially in full swing! Email the and ask us to send you an order form if you’re interested in participating by selling/purchasing some delicious coffee for your friends and family this holiday season!

Have a green week and stay warm!