Leaves and Volunteers All Around

We’ve got lots of opportunities for people to take a break from studying and volunteer. So let’s jump right into it:

  • Athletics: We’ve got Camp Randall AND the Kohl’s Center to take care of now. This year we’re also doing the recycling at the women’s games as well! Pick any game you’d like to sign up for. Bring your friends, you get a $10 food voucher and it counts toward your honored member status.

    We love to see the leaves changing with the season.
    We love to see the leaves changing with the season.
  • Fundraiser for Rainforest: Come to the High Noon Saloon (18+ venue) at 8:00pm on Thursday November 14th. The price to get in is $8 an the money goes towards conservation in the tropical rainforest in Ecuador. There’s also an exotic plant give away. This is also a REthink social event!
  • Sustainability Fair: On November 14th in room 159 from 5 to 9pm. We will be hearing from keynote speaker Sabrina Bradshaw from the Office of Sustainability.
  • Slow Foods: We need volunteers for Slow Foods Cafe on Wednesday November 13th from 11-2. Great food and an awesome chance to get volunteer hours.
  • Social Event!: On Friday November 15th we’ll be heading to the Madison Recycling Facility. Meet in the parking lot behind Science Hall at 2:45. This should be a great trip!

Remember to keep up the great work in school and on your environmental work. We love to hear about those nuggets of greenness, see you at the next meeting!