Ahoy Badgers, There’s Free Coffee Ahead

Although the last few weeks have been long, stressful and full of exams REthink is about to make everyone’s week. Want to go to a football game for free? Sign up here to volunteer at Saturday’s Badger game against the Northwestern Wildcats. This game is extra special because this game’s recycling numbers are part of a nation wide college gameday recycling competition. Help the Badgers win both competitions!

Wednesday October 16th from 7:30 in the morning until 11:30 in the morning REthink will be giving away free coffee! You must have a reusable mug otherwise you can go elsewhere for the morning cup of joe.  Be the first to get your coffee by volunteering at this event.

Beginning to look and smell like fall around campus!
Beginning to look and smell like fall around campus!

That next week we’ll all be busy on Wednesday the 23rd. At the Fluno Center (On University across from Wandos and the Taco Shop) there will be a talk about fracking in Wisconsin and what that means for the health of the environment and Wisconsinites. There will be great appetizers and insightful information on this increasingly important topic. Please RSVP on the Facebook event. Also on this day we’re having our “Not Luck”. Please bring a dish to share with the group and your own plate and silverware- we’re reducing our waste :-).

BOO! Halloween is the following Thursday and REthink is celebrating by having a haunted bake sale! Please think ahead and bake something easy to hand out i.e. put it in bags or divided to be put onto plates. This event will take place on State Street (between Urban Outfitters and Potbelly) from 10pm until 2am or until we run out of treats. We’ll also need volunteers for this event, doodle to come. Please come ready to enjoy one of our organizations favorite event dressed as a recycled item, get creative!

That’s it for October, where is the semester going. Hope everyone has a fun and safe homecoming weekend, Go Badgers!