Excited for October!

Let’s start with a Nugget of Greenness from our meeting: “Wrap your gifts in fabric or old newspaper instead of buying wrapping paper,” you’re saving trees! We know that midterms can be stressful, but by taking a break with REthink you can help your campus and get away from the books.

  • October 6th: Farm Mob at Sprouting Acre. We’re meeting at the parking lot on the corner of University and Charter (outside the Psych Building and Service Building) at 11am and we’ll be back by 4.
  • Throwback Thursday! This photo of Mugs on the Mall with some early REthinkers. What a great tradition!
    Throwback Thursday! This photo of Mugs on the Mall with some early REthinkers. What a great tradition!

    October 16th: Everyone’s favorite, Mugs on the Mall. We will be giving away free coffee to anyone using a reusable mug. This will take place from 7:30 until 11am in Library Mall. Tell your friends and please sign up to volunteer.

  • October 23rd: We’re hosting our ever famous “Not-Luck”. Please bring a dish to share with the group and we’ll possibly be having a guest speaker to talk about climate change, stay tuned for more details.
  • October 25th: Trash Audit at the nursing school. This is a great way to learn about recycling and gain honors towards honored member status! Look for a doodle in the coming weeks to sign up.
  • October 31st: Halloween Bake Sale! This is one of our most popular events. We are looking for people to make and/or volunteer. We’ll have a table set up on State Street and as you can imagine this event gets pretty entertaining. We’ll be selling from 10pm-2am or when we run out of backed goods. Please dress up like a recycled good- get creative!

In other news, this summer REthink signed a petition with the group “Texas Environment” in an attempt to put pressure on the battery company Reyovac. This petition is trying to get them to implement a battery recycling program. Texas Environment wants REthink to stage a protest to help make the community aware of Reyovac’s lack of sustainable practices. We have yet to respond to the Texas Environment representative. Input? Thoughts? We are going to ask for more information before a decision is made. Good luck on your tests and projects everyone!