Closing out Spring 2013 with a Bang!

Big thank you to everyone who came to the meeting tonight to vote for next year’s leadership positions! In case you didnt make it here are the results:

Co-Chairs: Austin Yantes, Andrea Perkins, Eric Katzelnick

Vice Chair: Elise Wirkus, Eva Baldinger

Treasurer: Courtney Holdt

Secretary: Kysa Stocking

Communications: Brady Loomis, Ashley Berg

Teaching Waste Management: Eva Baldinger

Farm Mobbing: Jenna Walsh

Athletics: Michael Li

Moving-Days: VACANT

Compost Carry-Out: VACANT

Bottle Free Badgers: Mariana Debernardini, Aaron Conradt

Congratulations to all those who were elected leaders and for those that are still interested, Moving-Days and Compost Carry-Out are still open.

Our end of the year party will be next week at Picnic Point from 6 until 8. See you there!
Our end of the year party will be next week at Picnic Point from 6 until 8. See you there!

Here is what we have coming up the next couple of weeks of school.

  • The Sustainability Forum is tomorrow 5/2 from 12-3 at the Engineering Centers Building. There will be a ton of great speakers and free food!
  • Our semester Bake Sale will be taking place tomorrow night 5/2, rain or shine! from 10pm until 2am. Please bake whatever you would like and bring it to the table. We will also need volunteers to work the table so please see if you are available tomorrow night.
  • Farm Mob this Sunday at FH King, the 80 bus takes you there, it is by the hospital and Picnic Point. We will be there from 2 until 5p
  • Crestwood, clearing out the mustard seed is also this Sunday from 1 until 3p. We are meeting behind Science Hall at 12:30p. We have plenty of transportation so just bring yourself, remember not to wear fleece or the mustard seed will stick to you
  • Our end of the year party is next Wednesday during regular meeting time, although people will be out at Picnic Point around 6. Bring food to grill and share!
  • Housing Move out is May 11th through the 18th from 10am until 6pm. Here are the following sign ups for each dorm, feel free to sign up for any of the dorms for as much time as you can:

Chadbourne,   Dejope,   Elizabeth Waters,  Holt Commons,  Ogg,  Sellery,  Smith, Witte