New Members, New Goals, We’re REthinkin’

Welcome new (and old) REthinkers! We are already off to a great semester and have a lot to get involved in. Remember that as of this semester you now must volunteer during at least one athletics event to become an Honored Member. Here are the events we have coming up:

Lovely Science Hall in the winter time.
Lovely Science Hall in the winter time.

Farm Mobbing: Saturday February 2nd in Little Circle. We’ll be leaving at 11 an returning at 4pm. Sign up here, if you have not already.

Athletics (keep in mind the Honored Member qualifications): The next basketball and or hockey games to volunteer at are on February 6th at 8:00pm and February 9th at 11 am for basketball. February 8th and February 9th at 7pm for hockey games. Sign up here to get involved and get one step closer to that gold star 🙂

Bottle Free Badgers: This is our banning the plastic water bottles on campus. Email Aaron to help get involved in this campaign, THERE IS LOTS TO DO! Sign our petition at:  and be sure to like our Facebook page.