Congratulations Honored Members!

At the end of each semester the REthink members that have attended at least 8 meetings and volunteered for at least 10 hours of service during the semester become honored members! Our weekly meetings had high attendance each week and we were able to get a lot done and appear at many events this semester because so many people were volunteering. We are so proud of all our honored members and thank each one of you for your great work! Keep it up and have a great rest of break!

Fall 2012 Honored Members:

Andrea Perkins, Aaron Conradt, Alana Mckeever, Austin Yantes, Brady Loomis, Courtney Holdt, Emily Baumann, Emma Olson, Emilia Burns, Eva Baldinger, Jared Ellenson, Joseph Koziol, Kevin Olsen, Kristin Goetzman, Mackenzie Schnell, Machael Li, Nik Simonson, Rachel Vorlander, Stefanie Bugasch, and Taylor Gendel