Fun Events before Finals

This past week we had some great events! We took a group to the Arboretum where we took care of some invasive species. There was an ASM meeting this week, please email Nik if youre interested in attending one of these meetings since any student can attend and give lots of good input. Bill McKibben gave an inspirational talk to a group about the importance of reducing emissions. We did a trash audit at Mechanical Engineering where unfortunately to report-there was lots of waste.


  • Ya-Ya Running Program clothing drive has ended, we are sending out donations very soon.
  • Just Coffee Fundraiser will end this Sunday, email Andrea with order forms: Talk to Joe if you need to give money still:
  • Grants will be given out by “Wisconsin Experience”, we can apply for this grant for next semester
  • Getting rid of water bottles next semester is going to be our big campaign. If youre able to research during break that would be a big help!landfill

Upcoming Events:

  • Trash Audit: Monday, 12/9 at 9:30 we will be doing another trash audit. Email Taylor if you’re interested:
  • Teaching Waste Management will be going to West High School where Eva will need some volunteers to go and teach students about REthink and how they can reduce their waste. This is on Friday December 14th from 12:30 until 3:00. Email Eva for more information,
  • 3581050-IMG_3126_copySustain Dane Bioneers is an event at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery on the 12th and 13th. If you’d like to volunteer at this event you get in for free, a $65 value, email Ellery at
  • Recycling at the Kohl Center has begun! There is a hockey game on the 7th and on the 8th as well. If you’re interested in volunteering sin up here.
  • is going to have a teach-in event today at 7pm in 175 Science Hall
  • Ice Age Trail Restoration is working again this Saturday from 9 until 12, meeting at 8:15AM. Sign up here if you’re interested.