Fall into FALL with REthink

It seems that as soon as school starting kicking in, the weather got much colder. Good thing REthink has plenty of HOT opportunities coming up to keep us all busy and warm.

  • Teaching Waste Management: Our trash audits begin this week! We will be starting with the psych building and continue to conduct trash audits all over campus this semester to promote good recycling habits in buildings on campus. Stay tuned for sign ups and volunteer opportunities for these events. Remember you can help by being a good example of how to recycle when you’re in your classes.  
  • Athletics: Game day recycling will take a break this weekend since the game is away, but you can sign up for the next game, OCTOBER 6th here. Get into the game FOR FREE!
  • Farm Mob: Check out the website for the next farm mobbing opportunityor feel free to ask Rachel about these events during the meeting. These are really fun outings and working on the farm is a rewarding experience!

    It’s Fall in Madison, great biking weather!

Fun events to consider that we will be talking about during the next couple weeks include:

-Adding more pictures and videos to the website (if you have any great pictures from our events send them to Brady at kloomis2@wisc.edu and they will be posted)

-Our late night bake sale is tentatively planned for OCTOBER 25th. This will be a part of an 8 week long competition, Recyclemania, between universities across the county to promote recycling and waste reduction activities on their campus.

Homecoming!! We will be looking for people to step up in helping to put together our HOMECOMING FLOAT IN THE PARADE! We will talk more about this during meetings, but start thinking of ideas so that we can have a great float! Homecoming week is the week of 21st through the 27th of October.

-We’re planning a Trip to Growing power which is an urban farm in Milwaukee. A date will be chosen during the next meeting but it is between September 30th, October 13th or 14th.

-Food Day Event is on October 24th. We will join Slow Foods and F.H. King from 11:30 until 2 at the Crossing. More information to come at the next few meetings.

-REfill campaign has two big events this semester. We are looking at doing a Mugs on the Mall event sometime in November. This is where we give free coffee and hot cocoa to anyone that has a reusable mug. These events are a blast! Look for more information to come in the next month or so. The other event to look forward to is our REfill Ultimate Frisbee Tournament where we promote using reusable water bottles during sporting events. This event will take place in October, again more information to come.