Welcoming August and Volunteers

Yes it’s already August but there is still a month of summer and many opportunities left. We know that everyone is busy with their end of the summer plans, but please check out the events we have coming up to see if you can come and help out for all or even a few of them.

  •      Apartment Move-OutAndy will be looking for as many volunteers as absolutely possible from Aug 10th-16th  REthink is partnering with We Conserve,The City of Madisonand St. Vincent de Paul to coordinate “Moving Days.”  Rethink is also collaborating with Goodwill for their “High Rise Collection Drive” from Aug 10th-14th. Both programs need volunteers to help students donate unwanted items so it doesn’t all go to the landfill. Please sign up for Moving Days at (http://movingdayswi.weebly.com/ ) or for the High Rise Collection Drive at (http://doodle.com/3dvwaa2ta8bx2pcf). Andy is currently trying to get FREE FOOD for volunteers, and all volunteers well be entered into a drawing for gift cards from local restaurants. Any questions just email our newest member Andy Bose at abose@wisc.edu.
  • Farm Mobbing: The next Farm Mob Event is scheduled for Sunday 8/26 at JenEhr Farm.
    This event will be meeting in the cul-de-sac between the Memorial Union and College Library, leaving at 8:15 and getting back around 4:45. WE NEED AT LEAST 10 PEOPLE TO GO OTHERWISE THIS EVENT WILL BE CANCELED! Please sign up by August 22nd.
  • Teaching Waste Management: The next Teaching Waste Management Event is Thursday August 2nd from 4:30PM-7PM. This event will be a follow up to the event on July 5th so this event will be a trash sort! Transportation will be provided by We Conserve so please meet at the Service building by 4:20 so we can leave on time.  Currently Andrea P, Ashley B, and Nik S are signed up for the event. There is another trash audit on August 16th leaving from the same spot at 4:30 and getting back at 7:00. If you are AT ALL interested in the event on the 2nd or 16th please email Nik at  nsimonson@wisc.edu.

Other events that are not necessarily volunteer opportunities but they are REthink events happening before the semester starts.

  • TOMORROW! is the rescheduled photo shoot with We Conserve outside Camp Randall by the “angry badger” outside Bucky’s Locker Room on Monroe Street. Please bring/wear your green “Be the We” shirt for the photo, otherwise an oversized shirt will be provided for you by We Conserve. GET YOUR FACE ON THAT MEGATRON AND COME TO THE PHOTO SHOOT! should only take about 15 minutes.
  • AUGUST 9TH?? REthink is having a potluck/zoo visit before the move out dates. If the 9th is no good for you, let us know: http://doodle.com/q5a6uuqybbq6zhgg. Please try to fill this out as soon as possible!
  • AUGUST 12th! is the second Ride the Drive event in Madison. At the beginning of the summer we tried to get a group together to ride, maybe we’ll be more organized now that everyone is settled. We’ll talk about this at the next meeting.

Stay cool by drinking water from your reusable water bottle :-). Well see you tomorrow at the photo shoot-make sure to get your beauty sleep, otherwise we’ll see you at the next meeting. Any Nuggets of Greenness?