April Showers Brings REthinkers

Hey there REthinkers! Great job this week, lots of events going on and everyone did terrific work! SHOUT OUT to Rachel for setting it all up MUGS ON THE MALL and DOUBLE SHOUT OUT to REDAMTE for providing us with coffee and hot chocolate! In the last few weeks of school there are still lots of way to get involved and earn your hours to receive HONORED MEMBER STATUS-check with Taylor G to see how close you are to getting Honored Member Status!

  • Farm Mob: We’ll be helping out F.H. King this Sunday from 10 until 2. We’re meeting to bike over at 9:30 between College Library and Memorial Union. Sign up here if you’re interested.
  • Bake Sale: Next Thursday, May 3rd, from 9 pm until whenever the food is gone. We need people to bake and volunteer.
  • End of the Year Party!: Friday May 11th, 5:30-6:30. We’ll be celebrating the end of the year at Vilas Park, near the zoo!

    At MUGS ON THE MALL we didn't let the rain stop us from making REthinkers out of any Badger we saw!

Summer Fun!

For those REthinkers that will be in Madison this summer, and those that are planning to visit, there are lots of events to look forward to:

  • Bucky Barrels: Emily has received the grant for her summer project!! Congratulations Emily! Contact Emily Adams if you’re around this summer and want to help out!
  • Compost Carryout: The pamphlet and logo have been made and now its time to put this into action! If you’re interested in helping out this summer with the campaign and making surveys, contact Jared!

More information is coming about Apartment move out in August and a possible Devils Lake trip for over the summer. Dorm move out information will be provided at the next meeting. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW LEADERS OF RETHINK, NEXT SEMESTER IS GOING TO BE THE MOST SUSTAINABLE YET! Congratulations also goes out to Julian who got his article published in every newspaper he submitted it to, way to go! Remember that t-shirts are still available, get ’em now to show ’em off over the summer!