Its Already the Middle of April… and This is Crazy…

But heres the events, so volunteer, maybe? We hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and the break before the chaos that the end of the year brings. As in previous meetings and posts we have lots of events coming up!

Here is a quick recap and reminder of where to sign up and what events are happening:

  • FARM MOB: This weekend the event is on SUNDAY, we will be working at Sprouting Acres. The more the merrier, email:, if youre interested.
  • We're volunteering and there isnt anything crazy about it!

    FARMERS MARKET: This is the last weekend of the indoor market, if youre interested in volunteering email Kat at

  • BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB: Wednesday, 4/18, is the first of three events working with the Boys and Girls Club. All transportation is provided. Sign up HERE if youre interested in volunteering.
  • WEAR RED, GET FED: ReThink needs people to work the table from 12-3pm on APRIL 26TH, WRGF Doodle
  • MUGS ON THE MALL: We still need people to think of GAMES to have at the event. APRIL 25TH from 6:30-11:30. SIGN UP! MOTM Doodle

A few new events and things to ponder in the next coming weeks:

  • REAP FOOD GROUP: Now that the farmers market is moving outside there are 3 opportunities to volunteer. During the first 3 weekends of the farmers market they need volunteers to pass out their atlases, the shifts last for 2 hours-GREAT WAY TO EARN HOURS FOR HONORED MEMBER STATUS! Contact Megan:, if youre interested.
  • HOUSING MOVE OUT: REthink is teaming up with We Conserve to help eliminate the waste when students move out of the dorms in May. Volunteer opportunities are coming soon, if youre interested in taking on a leadership role for this event, talk to Luke.
  • ELECTIONS: Don’t forget to think about running for a leadership position within REthink! This is a great way to get involved and be a bigger part of the organization! This is a great group of people to work with and a great way to build resumes and experience. IF YOURE INTERESTED PLEASE EMAIL US !