REthink Wants YOU to get Involved!

After a very successful Potluck dinner/meeting last night, it’s time to relax and enjoy spring break. We hope everyone has a relaxing, productive, and safe week! When we get back there are lots of events in April that need lots of participation-you can do it! Get that Honored Member status and have some fun!

  • After break, get ready! There is a Farm Mob event every weekend. If you are interested, especially if you have a car, come out and join us on the farm!
  • During the rest of the semester and during the SUMMER, Emily has started BUCKY BARRELS and will need help with the rain collectors and the rain garden. If you have ideas of educational events or want to volunteer email Emily:
  • April 16th is the Nelson Institute’s 6th Earth Day Conference. They are looking for volunteers, even if it is just for an hour. Volunteer and get a free lunch-this also counts as an event for REthink!
  • April 18th, 20th, 24th, and 26th we are working with the Boys and Girls Club on a recycling project. This is a great opportunity to get recycling education experience!
  • April 25th is MUGS ON THE MALL! For more information and to sign up to volunteer: MOTM Doodle MOTM FB event
  • April 26th is the Wear Red, Get Fed event. REthink is tabling and needs 5 people to help table, here is the Doodle to volunteer: WRGF Doodle

After choosing a great name, COMPOST CARRYOUT, we’re ready to get started. If you would like to help with this campaign email Jared at You all have great ideas and help make REthink GREAT! We want YOU to run for a leadership position for next year. We’re looking for someone to step up to positions such as: Co-char, Vice Chair, Secretary, Communications, Treasurer, Campaign Director. Please let Kat and Luke know what you’re interested in and how you want to get involved!