Why Don’t They Make Chapstick Tubes Square!?

Michael Kosta was at the Comedy Club this past Thursday night and was lucky enough to get his picture taken with the "recycling club".

A meeting full of events and a night full of laughs. To those that were able to make it to the Comedy Club Thursday night ( the title of this post being a joke from Michael Kosta) we hope you enjoyed yourself-more social events and trips to the Comedy Club probably in our future.

There are lots of chances to get involved this month. The documentary “Tapped” is showing Wednesday March 21st from 4-6pm Union South in honor of Water Week. We will be attending as a group, meeting there on Wednesday instead of at Science Hall. Remember to bring friends! (For every 3 friends you bring we will reduce the price of a REThink t-shirt by $5!) Coming up on March 26 REthink will be cooking for Slow Foods- planning for this meal will take place at the Lakefront Cafe this Sunday at 5:00. Later in April we will be volunteering at the Farmers Market. Remember if there is anything you would like to change or talk about, come to the meetings and share it with us! See you Wednesday at 6!