Spring Kickoff

 Thanks to everyone who  attended our Spring Kickoff meeting! The pizza was phenomenal and the room was packed (we considered it a success). If you missed the meeting (or couldn’t hear because you were stuffing pizza into your face) checkout our meeting minutes to see how it went.

Some new stuff this semester include: More volunteering opportunities / day trips: Devils Lake State Park, Ice Age Trail, Lakeshore Nature Preserve, Farmer’s Market Breakfast [ more details to come] . This semester we are also introducing the HONORED MEMBER status as part of our outreach efforts. Click on the link for more details, or email anyone on the board to get tips on how to stay on top of your hours and social duties! We see the new status as a resume builder rather than a requirement – it’s nothing too time consuming, just a way for you to stay involved!

Also, we are please to announce that at our next meeting (Wednesday February 22) we will be hosting guest speaker, UW-Professor Craig H. Benson, Ph.D., PE, DGE. Benson is a Wisconsin Distinguished Professor and Chair of Geological Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He also serves as director of the Recycled Materials Resource Center, a federally funded research center focused on sustainable construction of transportation infrastructure, and the Bioreactor Partnership, a industry-academic partnership on sustainable solid waste management.

– Come with questions for Dr. Benson and listen for ways on how to make environmentally-sustainability a profitable (and reachable) career for YOU.

Ps– Our next Farm Mob is this Saturday! The weather is set to be good, and our farmers are so excited for our help. Email Rachel Vorlander if you have any questions or check out our Farm Mobbing website to get involved.