11/11 Pick Up America! (Lets Talk Trash)

On November 11, REthink Wisconsin and Students Conservation Association (SCA) will host a speaker from ‘Pick Up America’ Campaign to hear about zero-waste solutions, cultural sustainability, and water restoration around the country and here at home!
November 11, 6PM in 180 Science Hall. Save the date!
Pick Up America is a local, regional, and nationwide initiative committed to reducing plastic waste in our communities and waterways. The “Pick Up Artists” coordinate community trash clean-ups while walking across the country to encourage alternatives to our nation’s throwaway mentality. The year-and-a-half-long trek begins from Assateague Island, MD., on March 20, 2010, and spans 13 states and counting to end in San Francisco Bay, Calif., sometime in November 2011.
Check out the  campaign’s blog: pickupamerica.wordpress.com
Come talk to the campaign director, Davey Rogner, about zero-waste solutions, cultural sustainability, watershed restoration, and 21st century sustainable living. He wants to use UW-Madison as an example of what can be done across the country, so let’s talk trash!