Recycling, Parade for the Planet, and Picnic Point Potluck a Success!

What a great weekend for REthink!

Recycling in Camp Randall had a great turn out!! I am sure we matched if not topped our totals from past games. Also, after we finished the work of recycling – the volunteer crew tossed around a football on the field, then chowed down on some free food! Great fun!

Planet for the Parade took place on Sunday. Matt and Molly hosted a REthink table at the Sustainability Fair and talked to community members about REthink and our various campaigns. We also got a chance to network with other orgs such as WISPIRG and ENACT!

Potluck at Picnic Point was a great time to relax and have some good food. Potluck items included potatoes dressed with olive oil and thyme, pasta salad, green beans, pumpkin bread, popcorn, pizza pudgy pies, and smores!! You don’t want to miss REthink’s next potluck! MMMMMMmmmm!