REthink Happenings… October 14th

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Here’s what’s going on with REthink this week…

Badger Football Game – There is a home football game this Saturday and we want to storm the bowl with Recyclers after the game! The goal is to get over 30 volunteers to help pick up plastic bottles from the bowl. Check out the Facebook invite associated with the REthink group and forward it widely! If you would like to volunteer, contact Maggie ( or show up at Gate A at 2pm, 0r as soon as the game is over.

REfill on the Hill – REthink will be hosting an event on Bascom Hill this Fall where we will be giving out FREE COFFEE! The catch is… we won’t be supplying any cups or mugs, so only students who bring a refillable mug will be able to get coffee. The date is set for November 17th. If you would like to be involved in the event planning, contact Luke (

Coffee FundraiserWe are planning a fundraiser that will sell the REthink coffee blend. If you are interested in getting involved there will be a planning meeting at Expresso Royale (the one closest to campus) this coming Monday at 5pm.

Library Mall Trash Sort Some REthinkers conducted a trash sort with We Conserve on Library Mall last week, where they sorted through 51 lbs of garbage and found that 75% of the waste could have been diverted from the landfill!! We are hoping to install recycling bins in Library Mall soon, the first outdoor recycling bins on campus.

Campus Vending Machines – A cool success story! REthink’s Lucas Boyle has been working with We Conserve for about a year trying to get motion detectors on the campus vending machines so that the lights turn off when not in use. There are a few detectors up in Granger and the Service Building and We Conserve has ordered 160 more (each detector works for a pod of 5 machines) so the detectors will be in almost every vending machine on campus! GREAT WORK LUKE!

Ehub Conference – REthink will be participating in the Energy Hub conference this Friday by handing out our stickers and tabling. Look for us at the conference!

Press – Look for REthink in tomorrow’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in the Letter to the Editor Section! And in the next edition of the Humanities paper “Illumination.”

Grants and Funding – Xavier and Grace found a cool grant for us to apply for that awards up to $5800 to a project that reduces waste of campus. Contact Xavier ( if you are interested in working on the application.

Josh also talked to someone at Coke about a sponsorship and we are working on getting some Coke bins! Awesome work!

Union Sustainability Committee – Lindsey is working on getting a sustainability committee started at the Union. If you are interested, talk to Lindsey (