REthink Wisconsin September 23 News

Here’s whats going on at REthink this week… Rethink logo

We had a great turn out at the meeting Wednesday! Thanks for coming everyone!

There is a home football game this Saturday. The game starts at 11. If you are signed up to volunteer during the game, please arrive at Gate A at 11. If you are volunteering after the game, meet us at Gate A at 2, or as soon as the game is over. Each volunteer gets a cool “Wear Red, Think Green” shirt and a snack. To sign up to volunteer, please email the Maggie at the Rethink email ( See you Saturday!
We brainstormed some ways to make the recycling program run smoother and are planning on making an official report on the project. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Maggie Galloway (

A big thanks to Mike for working so hard on the REfill program! Look out for our REfill signs at coffee shops on State Street. Also, thanks to those people who volunteered to distribute the signs to other Madison!

Lindsey is working with WE Conserve on getting recycling bins on Library Mall.

The Ehub conference is coming up on October 16. Sign up on their web page if you are interested. Also check out the poster contest, where you could win $100.

If you are interested in working on the REthink website, let us know.

Want to know more about the new green learning community on campus for next fall, talk to Grace (

REthink has a coffee blend!!! If you would like to buy a bag of this “Just Coffee” bring $10 per bag to the next meeting. It’s delicious and fair-trade organic!

Congratulations to our new REthink leaders, here are the statements that they sent me about why they wanted to be a REthink leader. Take a look to get to know them a little better.

Grace – Chair

I think I’ve shown my accountability and commitment to REthink through volunteering, being reliable, focused, and creative-idea maker. Being around since almost the beginning, I’ve seen what REthink can do, and am excited to help channel our enthusiasm and energy.

Lindsey Schiller – Chair

I would like to run for a co-chair position for this year. My involvement with ReThink has grown greatly over the past semester and as it continues to grow I would enjoy a position with more responsibility. As co-chair I would help organize current projects, start new projects, diffuse some of the administrative duties, answer email, and work on the website.
God bless ReThink Wisconsin 🙂

Lucas Boyle – Vice Chair

This is Luke, and I would like to run for the position of vice chair. I would be a good vice chair because I follow through with commitments I make and I have experience in motivating people to do the same.  In working on getting motion sensors in the vending machines, I personally met with James Harrod of We Conserve and devised a plan for surveying all of the vending machines in housing buildings.  On top of working with James, I was able to delegate the surveying to many of my peers, accomplishing the goal better than an individual could have. As a vice chair, I would take on responsibilities knowing that I will be able to fulfill them myself or with a team that I could motivate.

Katherine Mitchell – Secretary

I’m a regular attendee at meetings, and have volunteered at Camp Randall and tabling for ReThink many times. My consistent attendance would make it easy for me to take minutes and send out informational emails to members regarding our events. I work as an assistant to a professor in SAGE, and spend much time organizing files and keeping records of travel receipts, conference call minutes etc. so I have some “experience” with secretarial work.

Jamie Trembula and Molly Evjen- Communications and Treasurer

It’s Jamie, from REthink. Helping with Communications sounds awesome to me!! You mentioned working with gmail and I can promise you that if you saw my gmail account right now, you would be thrilled at how organized it is : ) It’s even color coded too! Haha.

On a more serious note, I think that Communications is an important part of every group. Luckily, e-mail allows us to plan events and confirm that all of the REthinkers are on the same page. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to continue outreach with the rest of campus, the student body, and the city of Madison as well. Not to mention how cool it will be to further establish connections with groups like We Conserve, Slow Food, etc.

Mike Amato will be taking the official role of REthink Graduate Advisor.

Maggie Galloway will be stepping down from REthink chair to be the Wear Red, Think Green coordinator.