Spend April with REthink

Hey REthinkers, hope this rain isn’t washing you out because we have a ton to do this month and we’ll be looking for all your help. Here’s whats coming up, please click on the events for sign up information and more information:

April 2013
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Badger Ammunition Plant



Farm Mob

15 16 17 18 19 20

Urban Ecology Center


Farm Mob


-Earth Day Conference

-Earth Day Event, 8-5, Union South

23 24

Mugs on the Mall

Wear Red Get Fed 11-4


Trash Audit, 3-4 at Bradley

26 27

Farm Mob

ASM Sustainability Fair, 12-3 at WID


Campus Clean Up

29 30 1 2

Bake Sale10-12



Finally Looking like Spring

Thank you to everyone who came by last meeting and listened and asked Jack Kloppenburg questions. He is a great resource on campus and everyone should feel free to go talk to him about school or real world topics. Here is what we have coming up the next few weeks:

Bottle Free Badgers:

  • We have created a survey for our water bottle campaign, please take the survey and feel free to send it on to friends around campus.
  • Earth Day is April 22nd and to celebrate we will be handing out reusable water bottles at Union South to discourage people buying plastic water bottles. We need volunteers to help out all day for this event.
  • As always make sure to encourage your friends to sign the petition and support our campaign!
Remember when Library Mall used to look like this? Well at least the flowers and leaves will start to come back!

Remember when Library Mall used to look like this? Well at least the flowers and leaves will start to come back!

Farm Mob:

  • Coming up we have farms mobs on the 21st and 27th. Stay tuned for details on these events in the coming weeks. 


  • Monday the 8th at 7:00 in Room 15 Science Hall 350.0rg Madison will be hosting a teach in about the Keystone XL pipeline. 

Ecological Restoration at Badger Ammunition Plant:

  • April 13th from 9am until 12pm we will be volunteering at this historical geological site. To figure out carpooling please fill out this doodle and RSVP at,  workdays@saukprairievision.org

Earth Day Conference:

  • On April 15th the Menona Terrace is hosting many speakers including Jane Goodall. There is a charge for going but not if you volunteer! Email Nik at nsimonson@wisc.edu  for more information. 

Mugs on the Mall

  • April 24th from 8am until 11:30am we will be giving out free coffee to anyone who has a reusable mug. We will need volunteers throughout the morning so stay tuned for a sign up doodle. 

Campus Clean-Up

  • On April 28th from 11am until 1pm we will be going around the lakeshore cleaning up the lake. Hopefully we will use canoes to actually get right on the lakeshore. We will need volunteers for this event so plan ahead and make sure you’re available to help that Sunday! 

Late Night Bake Sale

  • Everyone’s favorite event is going to be on May 2nd (the Thursday before Mifflin). We will need bakers to make and package baked goods and we will need volunteers from 10pm until 2am that night. This is always a super fun event and even if you cant volunteer you should stop by for the fun! 

Welcome Back to UW and Warmth! (April Fools, it’s still cold)


Dream Farm Barn and silos.

We hope that everyone had a terrific spring break where ever you were and that your Monday being back has been great. Remember that were are still working hard on our Bottle Free Badgers campaign and that this April we have many events to look forward to (including the snow melting), Mugs on the Mall, Campus Clean Up, Farm Mobs, and many more.

  • We do have a Farm Mob this weekend, 4/6 from 11AM until 4PM at Dream Farm. If you’re interested in joining us click here to sign up.
  • Our weekly meetings continue this week, Wednesday at 7:00 in Room 15 of Science Hall. Jack Kloppenburg will be speaking with us. This is very exciting because he is our staff supervisor and has lots of information about how REthink got started. See you then!

Coasting into November with New Events

Hey everyone guess what… we made it! It has been a very busy past couple weeks with midterms and homecoming, but we made it through and did an excellent job doing it!

Homecoming week was a huge success starting off with the campus clean up day on Sunday where REthink made a dent in picking up trash and recycling along the lake shore. In the middle of the week we helped out with Slow Foods by helping to prepare and serve Wednesday’s lunch. Thursday was our semester bake sale. We raised over $150 for our organization. Thank you to everyone who baked, volunteered, and stopped by to buy something or say hi! Friday was the big parade where for the first time, REthink had a float. Big thank you to everyone who helped build the components of the float and big thank you to everyone who was able to show up and be in the parade. We hope next year will have a bigger turn out with an even better float :-)

Coming up!

Be sure to tell your friends about this event that promotes using reusable mugs all over campus!

  • Thursday November 1st: REthink is taking a break and going to the Comedy Club on State Street to relax. Meet there at 8pm, but only if you paid Taylor!! There will be more social events in the future, but we had to give them a reservation number so only those that have paid are able to attend with us.
  • Saturday November 3rd: Ice Age Trail Restoration will be led by Rachel. We’re meeting at 8:30 AM at the Service Building at University and Charter and we’ll be returning around 12:30PM. Sign up here if youre interested in going, we still need CARS also.
  • Sunday November 4th:This week’s Farm Mob will be at Scotch Hills Farm where there are many adorable animals to play with while we work. We’re meeting at the Service Building at 11AM for those that are attending. The doodle has already closed for this event, contact Rachel if you’d like to go or have a car.
  • Wednesday November 7th: Mugs on the Mall, a favorite event of REthinkers is happening this coming Wednesday in Library Mall from 7AM -11AM, we’ll be positioned by the bell tower in Library Mall. We still need more volunteers so feel free to sign up! This is a super fun event, tell your friends to bring their mugs and get free coffee!
  • Saturday November 10th: REthink is going to Growing Power in Milwaukee. Including travel time we’ll be gone from 8:30AM -12:30PM. If you have a car please contact Jared,  jellenson@wisc.edu. And if you’d still like to go sign up here.
  • Sunday November 11th: From 12 until 3PM REthink is having its REfill Dodgeball Tournament. There are already 5 teams signed up, including a REthink team that members are welcome to join! OR create your own team with friends and sign up here. There will be prizes for the winners! Also we will be collected girls athletic wear, shoes, sports bras, running shorts etc at this event for the Yaya project. Please tell your teammates or friends to drop stuff off even if they are just there to cheer people on!

This last meeting’s potluck was a delicious! Thank you to everyone that brought food, we’ll try to have another one of those before the semester is over. We look forward to seeing you at the events happening this weekend!